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Welcome to the Highlands Business Circle

Our objective is to create a unique business marketing advantage by the networking of successful business people in the Southern Highlands of NSW. To ensure ongoing value and viability, we are actively prospecting for new members who can add value to their business and another unique profession to the Highlands Business Circle.


To define Highlands Business Circle and who we are


HIGHLANDS Where our sphere of influence is, our locality where we network and where we actively prospect new members for the growth of the group to ensure ongoing value and viability.


BUSINESS  By the networking of successful business people we promote our businesses within this group giving us a unique marketing advantage in our specialised areas and professions.


CIRCLE Not only does a circle represent continuum and unity but it also defines our core values as per:


Commitment - Members realise the importance of committing regular attendance, participation and punctuality towards meetings. This commitment would also include prompt follow-up on leads to ensure the integrity of the referrer is protected.


Integrity - All members conduct themselves and adhere to the highest levels of integrity and ethics as not to bring the group into any disrepute.


Relationship - Through relationships trust develops and flourishes providing the group with a unique proposition for new members.


Contribution - Each member accepts that they may be called up to take a leadership role within the group from time to time. and that this contribution of time and effort is essential to the continued prosperity of the group.


Loyalty - The strength of the networking lies within the continued loyalty by making referrals to the other members of the group.


Exclusivity - By providing a single position for any vocation within the group, members are assured of exclusive referrals from within the group for their vocation.